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Thursday 31 March 2016

Philips Lighting Illuminates Semarang City Hall

Conference Pers in Meeting Room Crown Plaza Hotel Semarang.
Semarang, Harian Blora – Philips Lighting, part of Royal Philips (NYSE:PHG, AEX, PHIA) and the global leader in the lighting industry,announces “Kota Terang Philips LED” (KTPL) program,held from 30th March – 3rd April 2016 in Semarang. This program is part of Philips Lighting Indonesia‘s mission to improve people’s live by supporting cities across Indonesia to be safer, more beautifuland liveable, while delivering smart, energy-efficientlighting solutions.

“Through the ‘Kota Terang Philips LED’ program which illuminates the Semarang City Hall and seven main streets in Semarang, we hope to partner with the City Government of Semarang in transforming this city into one of the smart cities in Indonesia,” said Chandra Vaidyanathan, President Director of Philips Lighting Indonesia. “As a company committed to bring meaningful innovation, Philips Lighting is proud to support Semarang with its energy-efficient connected LED lighting.”

Marking the beginning of the KTPL program with the Balai Kota illumination on 30th March 2016 and street lamp installation on Semarang main streets, Philips Lighting Indonesia aims to help the Semarang city government beautify this city icon, while at the same time,save energy and reduce electricity costs. The connected LED technology used by Philips Lighting can significantly reduce electricity consumption without compromising the quality or the brightness of the lights. Moreover, this connected lighting system can be managed remotely, giving the city administration the flexibility to control the lighting.

“To create a safe and liveable city for its residents, the government needs to pay attention to the city lighting, as well as other public facilities such as the public areas and streets,” said Hendrar Prihadi, Mayor of Semarang. “Illumination is not only about providing a massive number of street lights. To make Semarang becoming a smart city, the city government of Semarang provides integrated or connected street lighting that helps us in controlling the light performance and detecting any broken lamp easily in any area in Semarang. Besides improving our public services by immediately fixing any broken lamp, this street lighting is energy-efficient and helps in saving electricity cost. As a partner, Philips Lighting provides not only illumination, but also solution that can feature Semarang city as a tourism destination with lighting concept that highlight the heritage area, especially the ‘old town’,using environmental friendly and integrated lighting technology.”

Philips Lighting Indonesia’s support to Semarang City is not only limited to theillumination of the Balai Kotaand seven main streets in Semarang.For a week, starting from March 30 – April 3, 2016, Philips Lighting Indonesiapresents “Philips Lighting Week,” atParagon Mall Semarang,showcasing various integrated LED lighting applications for homes, offices, hotels, road and streets, retail and industry. “At Philips Lighting, we believe that good lighting can improve the quality of life. We would like to inspire the citizens of Semarang to useappropriate, innovative, and energy efficient lighting for homes, offices, businesses and public spaces,” Chandra explained further.

For those interested in lighting, Philips Lighting Week will feature talk shows for various communities and professional associations.There will also be a dance competition and a coloring competition for children. Closing the event on Sunday, April 3will bespecial sales booths in the Simpang Lima area during “Car-Free Day. In this special day, Philips Lighting Indonesia top management willbe there to sell LED bulbs directly to the public.Philips lighting products can also be found at Philips Home Lighting Store Semarang, located on Jl. MT Haryono No.476. The lighting gallery is currently having a sale promotion up to 70% discount.

In 2015, Marketing Magazine and Frontier Consulting Group awarded the Top Brand Award in the “Energy Efficient Lighting” category to Philips Lighting Indonesia. For more information on Philips Lighting Indonesia and its programs please visit our website www.philips.co.id, “like” our Facebook page,www.facebook.com/PhilipsLightingIndonesia, or follow us on Twitter @Philips_ID. Contact us on Philips Care 0800-10-LAMPU (52678) for consumer information. All questions on Philips Lighting Services can be addressed to ke info-prof@philips.com. Tel: +62 21 2965 1333. Fax: +62 21 794 0050. (red-HB99).

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